Memorable trip to Helsinki, Finland

Memorable trip to Helsinki, Finland1

A visit to Helsinki, Finland became the first thing on my Bucket list ever since my I made a finnish friend in high school. During break, I loved hearing stories about her home city. Eventually she left school and went back to Finland, but I never really forgot about Helsinki. I knew that I just had to go visit that place sometime in life. That wonderful time came after finishing college. Sarah, my friend from Helsinki had been asking me to visit for years. Finally I had enough savings to go on the long awaited dream trip. During my short two day trip, I was to stay at Sarah’s home, so thankfully I did not have to worry about Hotel expenses. With lots of money saved up, I decided to travel on business class. This way I wouldn’t get too tired during the flight and I could explore Helsinki without any delay. My dad had told me a couple of sites from where I could easily book an affordable business class tickets. After a few searches, I made my flight booking and instantly started to pack.
Memorable trip to Helsinki, Finland
It was wonderful to breathe in the air of Helsinki. The weather was exceptionally good. After a quick breakfast at Sarah’s home, I took off with Sarah to discover Helsinki. Our first stop was at ‘Soumenlinna’ which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Helsinki. Soumelinna is a fascinating sea fortress built on six islands. It was made back in 1728 to make sure that enemies would not attack the city. Travelling by Ferry with the wind blowing on our faces, we reached the island. The place is literally a small town. We had a nice picnic and visited some of the many museums located there. After a gazillion pictures, we finally headed back.
Memorable trip to Helsinki, Finland2
No matter how old we get, amusement parks are always fun. Sarah suggested a quick stop at ‘Linnanmaki’, an amusment park in Helsinki and the inner child in me quickly agreed. With over 40 different rides, games, arcades and restaurants, the park turned out to be very entertaining. Additionally, there is a Sea Life Aquarium near the entrance of the park. At the panorama tower, I truly enjoyed the view of Helsinki. Architecture and design always interested me. I was taken to Helsinki Cathedral next because Sarah knew of my fondness for beautiful buildings. The Helsinki Cathedral was breathtaking. With its tall magnificent structure, green dome surrounded by four smaller domes and unique design, this beautiful church held me in awe. It is definitely a must visit place in Helsinki.

On the next day which was also my last day, I visited the ‘Liesjarvi National Park’ and the ‘Market Square’. The park offers pure natural beauty. It is a heaven for nature lovers. I spent my last few precious hours before the flight at the Market Square. It was the perfect place for strolling and casual shopping. Market Square is located just beside the Marina. With the sea breeze blowing on my face and my best friend beside me, my last hours in Helsinki were truly amazing.

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Best places to see in Wellington, New Zealand

Best places to see in Wellington, New Zealand1

Sightseeing is said to be the heart of interesting and eventful life. Since a long time travelling and sightseeing is seen as a great hobby. People from all over the world have this hobby. Wellington in New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places to visit. People from all over the world chose Wellington as their meeting point due to its lovely attractions. Newly married couples also choose wellington as their honeymoon spot.

ESTA and Travelling

New Zealand is one of the countries where the influence of tourism is very high. There is a huge competition in tourism spot. They know that they have a huge target market to deal with. There are certain destinations in New Zealand which are specialized for tourism lovers. There are many spots in New Zealand which please the tourists. The USA government, using ESTA, gives a visa waiver program for all international travelers who travel to New Zealand for the purpose of tourism and leisure. provides assistance to visitors to the United States who wish to obtain an ESTA Visa authorization.

Best places to visit in Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington is one of the coolest little capitals of the world. It is small in size but it has many amazing places which our mind cannot imagine. Few of the best places to visit in Wellington are given below
Best places to see in Wellington, New Zealand
· Te Papa

The National Museum of New Zealand – Te Papa is an amazing place for the tourist which exhibits unique historical information for the tourists.

· Mount Victoria

The lovely view of the city and his great harbor can be seen through the mountain top of mount Victoria. The airport view is also seen from there.

· Wellington Cable car

This is an iconic place. The cable car routes from Lambton quay till kelburn. Lots of amazing views and displays can be seen in the whole journey.

· Local tour of Wellington

The wellington city is in itself so beautiful that by hiring a local tour you will love to see the city details. There are many beautiful bars and delicious restaurants, even more than there are in New York City. The oceanic views are worth watching.

· Zealandia Sanctuary in Karori

It is a great place to witness native landscape and wildlife. The birds sounds and beautiful sceneries really make you feel refresh. It is located just 10 minutes away from New Zealand.

· Movie Making Magic

The tourists can see the behind the scenes of the world’s most remarkably made movies. The viewers are amazed to see the special effects.

· Oriental Bay

It’s a beautiful Bay located in the public place. Different amazing parks, bars, restaurants and ice cream parlors cover the Bay, which is a treat to watch

· Wellington Zoo

The great wellington Zoo is a place where you see world’s most amazing animals at a single place. It’s an unforgettable wild life experience.

· Cuba Street

It is a very colorful street. You can see a lot of food places that are fun to eat and treat to watch

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5 Resorts In Thailand That You Should Check Out (Link)

Resorts In Thailand That You Should Check Out 1

What’s to see in Thailand? Here’s 5 places that will make you not want to go back home!

  1. 1.      The Shore at Katathani

The Shore at Katathani is a luxury beach front pool villa resort on Kata Noi Beach in Phuket, Thailand. It is situated on a secluded cove overlooking a sparkling emerald sea. The hotel provides a natural fusion of indoor and outdoor living with a stylish but minimalist interior perfect for a relaxing weekend. With a staff trained to pamper, Ocean facing pool villas, a festive contemporary restaurant and a Spa providing you with traditional Thai massages, you can be sure to look forward to a splendid relaxing weekend.

Resorts In Thailand That You Should Check Out

  1. 2.      The Banyan Tree Resort

The resort located on the island Koh Samui overlooking the scenic Lamai Bay with its inviting sapphire waters and white beaches just a half hour’s drive from Samui International Airport. A collection of private villas, each with its own private pool, designed with Thai elements using local materials. An added advantage of staying at the Banyan Tree Resort is the range of activities on the resort, from a Kid’s club, Yoga classes to a variety of Water sports, truly something for everyone.

  1. 3.      Mango House

A unique resort on the nature-rich, southeast coast of Koh Lanta, 15 minute away from the beaches and tourist areas on the west coast but far enough to dazzle you with its traditional charm. Set in a traditional wooden house on a small pier consisting of bright rooms with balconies overlooking the gorgeous sea views. The staff at Mango House will make sure you have nothing but a comfortable experience and is also famous for its quality, western-style food, coffees and wines.

  1. 4.      Cape Nidhra

If what you’re looking for is luxury than Cape Nidhra is where you should be looking to stay. Lavish, large designer suite complete with a private pool is the resort’s signature. It is located in Hua Hin; a picturesque seaside town and is renowned for its excellent service and extensive facilities. The advantage of its location is the easy access to the seaside town’s wonderful street markets, shopping centers, restaurants, pubs and nightlife. This elegant accommodation makes for an enjoyable and distinctive holiday experience.

Resorts In Thailand That You Should Check Out 2

  1. 5.      Paresa Resort

When it comes to scenic views it doesn’t get better than Paresa Resort located high on a cliffside, amid tropical forests looking down on azure blue waters in Phuket. All the villas and suites at the resort provide you with one of different views of the sea and surrounding nature. This Thailand beach resort in Phuket is situated close to many attractions such as the Patong Beach and Karon Beach. Experiencing all this nature along with the facilities such as the Gym, Library and Spa, you will definitely come back rejuvenated and energized.

And what’s even better news? In the past, The Mileage Club has enabled it’s buyers to save up to 40% of their ticket cost by cashing in their miles when flying to Thailand. So pack your bags and head on over to The Mileage Club to buy frequent flyer miles; a vacation awaits!

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